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💜 #12 💜

Today, we are thrilled to announce that our 12th home has been located, secured & is set to open soon!

Real soon!

On February 11th, Hope is Alive will be opening our third home for women in OKC! (cue celebration and lots of fireworks!)

This is HUGE news!

Huge news for HIA!

Huge news for the state of Oklahoma!

Huge news for the 13 ladies on our waiting list!

Today, we celebrate knowing that in just a matter of days, a dozen more women (just like these beautiful ladies below) will have a safe, structured & sober HOME to begin rebuilding their life!


Opening a new home only happens because of YOU! We have the BEST partners, volunteers & donors in the whole world! It’s because of your generous giving during last year’s “Nights in November” that we are in a position to take this next step. As many of you know, our goal is to open 20 homes by the end of 2020! This new home is one more step in making that dream a reality. So, thank you!


The biggest need we have is furnishings. As with the previous 11 HIA homes, we are praying that the HIA Family will help us furnish this home with limited cost outlay.

Below I have provided a very detailed list of what we need to completely furnish this home. You may have some of these items (good quality only) that you are willing to donate. If so, please reach out to Dakota (918.625.8933) as we have crews ready to schedule pick-ups today!

Maybe you’d prefer to help with the items that MUST be purchased new. This would be a HUGE help. If so, you can click here to send a financial contribution online that will go directly to helping furnish this new Women’s Home with items such as beds, bedding, small appliances, rugs, kitchen utensils, supplies, curriculum, artwork, etc.

Or perhaps your Church/Sunday School/LifeGroup/Community Group would be interested in adopting a room to furnish. This would be so helpful to us & a great way for your friends to get involved! If you’d like to visit further about the option of adopting a room, please email Blake Wieland at Blake@HopeisAlive.net


  • Large Sectional or Multiple Couches
  • Dining Room Table & Chairs (seats at least eight)
  • Kitchen Table (seats four)
  • 8 Dressers
  • 8 Nights Stands
  • Lamps

If you have any of these items you are willing to donate, please call Dakota at 918.625.8933

New Items Needed:

  • 12 Twin Beds (Mattress, Box & Frame)
  • 1 Full Bed (Mattress, Box & Frame)
  • Refrigerator
  • Deep Freeze
  • Uplifting Artwork

Click here to shop our Amazon Wishlist!

Click here to give a financial contribution to this new home!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this monumental announcement! In closing, I’d like to give a special shoutout to the Women Graduates of Hope is Alive that have established such a wonderful legacy. It’s because of ladies like Amanda, Chelsea, Katiana, Caroline & Schuyler that our program is what it is today. So thank you ladies, this doesn’t happen without YOU!

And lastly a special THANK YOU to our Co-Founder Allyson Lang! It’s because of her vision and courage that we open yet another sanctuary of second-chances. Thank you Ally for making HIA everything it is today!

Cheers to home #12! Let the radical life change begin….!

With Hope,


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