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#HopeDealers: The Changes, Challenges & Callings of saying YES!


We live in a world that seems increasingly negative, a world that desperately needs more hope. We need people who will look past that negativity and choose instead to see vast stores of positivity! We need people who will pump hope into the atmosphere. We need HopeDealers! In this powerful and inspiring book, Lance Lang shares his story and the stories of other ordinary people who have said YES to God’s call and become HopeDealers. You’ll read stories from people just like you who have experienced pain, struggles, addiction, trauma and the like and have turned their mess into their message! Along the way, Lance encourages readers like you to give God an unequivocal YES and turn into HopeDealers. Why? Because the world needs what only YOU have to offer! It’s time to let it loose, it’s time to say YES, it’s time to be a HopeDealer!

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