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Hope Is Alive


I grew up in a glass house, open seemingly for the whole world to see. Each disappointment and defeat pushed me farther and farther along my dark journey. I had absolutely no control, no hope, and no future outside of a daily purposeful pursuit to get high. But hope surfaced, and has driven me to a freedom and satisfaction I had previously assumed were unattainable.

This book is the story of how my hope departed, how it was restored, and how I’ve kept it alive. I wrote it for drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, sex addicts, hurt people, prideful people, and angry people. I wrote it for the fear-ridden, the guilty, the insecure, the obsessed, the perpetually disappointed, and anyone else caught in the tornado of destruction that is addiction.

I wrote it for those without hope, so they can know beyond a doubt that hope is alive.

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