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  Looking for our new site? Click here.

We’re Moving!

Today we are so excited to announce that at the end of this month, we will be re-locating one of our men’s homes here in OKC. This is a much-needed upgrade that will allow us to accommodate 2 additional residents, expanding our bed count in OKC to 36!

  • That’s 2 new men that will now get the opportunity to change their lives!
  • That’s 2 new families who will now get the chance to have their son, brother or father back!
  • That’s 2 new futures radically changed forever!

We can’t wait to move in and see who God brings us! But before we do so, we really need some help.

This new home is quite a bit bigger than our last home. We will now need to furnish an additional living room, dining room and two bedrooms.

So, below is a list of furnishings we are looking for.  If you have any of these items (good shape only please) and you would be willing to part with them, please respond to this email or shoot me a text at 405.996.8862. Our team will be more than happy to come and pick up these items in the coming days.

  • Couches or Sectionals
  • Dining Room Table & Chairs (for 8)
  • Kitchen Table & Chairs
  • Dressers, End Tables, Night Stands
  • Bar Stools
  • Patio Furniture

In addition, as I am sure you know, any move requires tons of small stuff to get the job done. These small things end up adding up! So, we hoping to raise some funds to help us during this transition. These funds will go to helping with new bedding, cleaning supplies, new beds, new bibles & new curriculum. All these items and so much more, must be purchased NEW!

If you’d like to help us open this new home through a financial gift, please click the “Give” button below. Your support would mean so much to us!


In the coming days, we will be scheduling a ‘MOVING DAY’ as well. We would LOVE to have your strong arms and legs to make that day a success. Stay tuned for the details and make sure you are following us on FaceBook to get all the latest updates.

Thank you for helping to radically change the lives of addicts, alcoholics and those that love them!

With Hope,



  1. Tere and Chad Robinson on June 12, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    We have some things we can donate and will help with the move de or and anything you need.

  2. Anita Hail on June 12, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    I have a twin mattress, no box springs. I realize you may not be able to take used mattresses, but if you can, I would be glad to donate one. If you take it, I will supply a new set of sheets and mattress cover for it.

    Also, I will watch for “Moving Day”. Hopefully, I will be able to help with that.

    Anita Hail

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