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  Looking for our new site? Click here.

Hope is Alive is Expanding To…

It was about twelve months ago when it happened for the first time. I was standing in one of our Sunday Night Meetings, I looked around and realized that what was taking place in Oklahoma could happen all across the United States. The vision hit me right between the eyes. What if we took what we were doing and spread it to other cities and states?

Could the same thing happen there, that’s happened here? The years and years of sobriety accumulated? The marriages restored? The children reunited? The purpose and passions rekindled? The radical life change!?

I had to ask myself, honestly, could we do this? What would stop us?

Each time this vision hit me, the same questions would follow. And each time my response was…


Yes, we can do this and NOTHING could stop us.

The question then became… WHEN?

So after months and months of planning, board meetings, staff meetings and house hunting trips we are finally ready.

The time has arrived.

So without further adieu, all of us at HIA are so excited to announce that we are officially opening a Men’s Mentoring Home in Wichita, Kansas!!!

In the coming days we we will be announcing a ton of activities to help kick off this new venture. We plan to host a HUGE Launch Party in Wichita in September, an Open House in October and a special Vision Dinner in November.

The date of the opening is not quite set, but some really exciting things are happening and we believe we will be in full operation within the next 60 days!

Right now, there are three things you can do to help us prepare for this expansion.

  1. Shop our Amazon Wishlist: Over the next few weeks we will be collecting all of the NEW items we must have for this home. This includes new bedding, books, appliances and much more. Every item you purchase will ship to our Central Offices and be saved specifically for this new home.
  2. Give: Opening a new home costs Hope is Alive roughly $75,000. And that is NOT including the home. So we need your help. Each dollar donated for this project will help to open the home, furnish it, stock it with supplies, purchase beds, pay utility deposits, purchase curriculum and much more!
  3. Pray – This is MOST important. We need your prayers and we need them every day. In fact, we’ve put together a 20 day prayer guide you can follow on our Wichita landing page: www.HopeisAlive.net/Wichita. Please click the link, go visit the site and pledge to pray everyday for HIA!

I can’t wait to tell you more! There is SOOOOO much going on right now. What God has done to prepare us for this day will blow you away. So stay connected and get excited, because Hope is Alive is expanding to Wichita, Kansas!

With Hope,


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