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What a Day it Was!

Last Thursday was a historic day for Hope is Alive! We are so thankful to the over 350 guests that joined us for our “Inspiring Lunch”. We hope it lived up to its billing!

Here’s a recap:

The lunch started with HIA residents scouring the room to visit each table and briefly telling their stories and getting to know the guests. Incredible conversations and stories were sparked by these encounters. We have already received reports that new jobs were offered, mentors were found & supportive relationships were formed.

As the program began one of HIA’s House Managers and our next graduate Blake Wieland took the stage to welcome the guests. He was outstanding and told the funniest joke of the day, by far! I am so proud of who Blake has become and can’t wait to see where God takes him. (more on him next month…)

I spoke for a few minutes following Blake, about the importance for the work HIA does and most importantly why each one of the lives we work with is worth saving. As I wrapped up my time, I had the privilege of introducing our first speaker, Mr. Scott Williams.

Scott killed it. He had the crowd laughing, leaning in to soak up every word and left them with one of the best biblical illustrations about HIA that I have ever heard. He was outstanding!

I entered the crowd when Scott was done & pointed out that at each table was an individual card with a picture & bio of one of our residents. The theme of the day was “For the One” and the cards gave the crowd the chance to connect with ONE specific resident and help them achieve their dreams.

Here are a couple samples:

Following this time in the crowd, I introduced our first video of the day. Appropriately called, “Dreams”. It’s a super powerful video depicting 10 of our resident’s dreams for their future. The crowd seemed to LOVE it! Click here to watch it.

Next up was our great friend Cecilia Stoll. Cecilia delivered a passionate speech diving in to her personal journey with her son’s addiction. The room was on the edge of their seats as she described the fear, shame and confusion that comes with an addicted child. So many people in the room could related and heads were nodding in agreement as she detailed each stage of their journey. It was moving, inspirational and so brave! Cecilia was AMAZING!

The lunch concluded with one last video (more details on this to come) and a slideshow of each of our residents, played to the song ‘For the One’ by Brian and Jenn Johnson.

We closed out 2017’s Inspiring Lunch by asking the crowd to help us help more people, by partnering financially with HIA. I called on everyone in attendance to invest in changed lives. The response was incredible. So many people gave and gave generously. I am continually humbled by the generosity of people.

Our goal for the day was to raise $100,000. This would enable us to cover our program budget for the rest of the year and prepare us to open new homes throughout Oklahoma later in 2017.

Although the lunch was a great success we did end up a bit short of our goal. As of this writing we have raised $79,567.

Maybe today you can help us get closer to reaching this goal, by giving a gift online?

It’s simple, easy and truly life changing! When you choose to invest today, you are choosing the give LIFE to 60+ people, through second chances, life skills, safe homes, structured living and a program built on faith!

Just click here to send in a donation.

Or if you’d prefer to mail a check, mail to:

Hope is Alive – 14401 N. May Ave. OKC, OK 73134

Thank you for your consideration.

And a BIG thank you to those who came, invested and spent time getting to know our residents.

Because of YOU, lives are changing today!

With Hope,


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