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3 New Finding Hope Classes Starting Soon!

Exciting news to share today! Starting in September we will be launching 3 new Finding Hope Classes!

Finding Hope is a support group for loved-ones of addicts & alcoholics. So if you are looking for answers for your son, daughter, spouse, grand-kids or siblings. This class is for YOU!

(sign up here: www.FindingHope.Today)

The classes will meet a couple times each month and offer education, community support, teachings from professionals, inspirational stories from people in recovery and solid guidance to help YOU find health and happiness, regardless of the circumstances of your addicted loved-one.

Here’s what a couple attendees have said about their experience in the class.

This class has been a lifesaver for me and my family! The title is exactly what it offers, HOPE! I was drowning in fear and hopelessness before going to this class! – Paula

The journey with our addict, was lonely and shame filled. Participation in Finding Hope has given my husband and me the resources, education, encouragement, and support that we have long needed. We feel more empowered with the tools shared and the prayer support given. – Kim 

HIA has helped us learn how to get off the roller coaster our son was on & how to stay off of it! God has used HIA to help keep me sane!! – Robin 

Finding Hope for me was the difference between insanity and peace.  The most valuable piece of information I got was at my first meeting – “stop being his soft cushion”.  It clearly defined enabling for me and now helps me to keep my focus on staying healthy regardless of my addicts choices and behaviors. – Annette 

Finding Hope helped us to realize that it’s okay to come out of that dark cave that parents end up in. We were scared, lonely, lost all hope, ashamed & full of guilt. If you are thinking of going to Finding Hope, please go! There are many of us & we all NEED EACH OTHER to start the healing process & understanding our Addicts. – Misty

As you can see. Finding Hope is worth it! If you live in these areas or you know someone who does, make plans to join us! Starts dates, locations and times are all listed below.

Register for a class here: www.FindingHope.Today

New Class Info:

Finding Hope – South OKC

Location: Frontline South

Start Date: TBA

Finding Hope – Tulsa

Location: Arrow Heights Baptist Church (Broken Arrow)

Start Date: Thursday September 21st @ 6:30

Finding Hope – Duncan

Location: First Baptist Church Duncan

Start Date: Tuesday September 12th @ 6:30


Register for a class here: www.FindingHope.Today


  1. Donna Arnold on August 28, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    Looking forward to the Tulsa meeting; however, there is a discrepancy in the date. September 21 is a Thursday, not a Tuesday. I don’t want to miss. Hoping it’s ok to come even if my son is not currently living in the HIA home. I know some other moms I would like to invite too, but they don’t have son’s living there either. But possibly options for the future when they see how wonderful your program is. If you prefer to just have parents w sons in the house, I understand. But please let me know. Thanks so much.
    Donna Arnold (Spencer Arnold’s mom).

    • Lance Lang on August 28, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      We adjusted it to reflect Thursday! Thank you! AND yes, this class is open to ALL. It’s not just for parents of residents… So come one, come ALL!

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